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Bio Status - CITIZEN in good standing. Born: 22/08/2912 System of Birth: Banshee System, <REDACTED> Enlisted UEE Army - 22/08/2930 Training and Specializations - Civilian Pacification Protocols. - Mechanized Cavalry Tank School. <Class of 2932> Seconded to UEE Marines - 2934 - Orbital Combat Drop Operations. - Combat Controller/Combined Arms Qualification. - Pysops.<REDACTED.> - EVA S&R/Salvage Operations. - Combat Breaching and Boarding Operations. - Ship Security. Mustered out 2943. Advocacy Records Currently under investigation. Suspected involvement in illegal salvage, unlicensed weapons trafficking, petty theft, assault with a deadly weapon, hazardous operation of a space going vessel while intoxicated and space rubber ducky larceny. Criminal Convictions: 0 Know registered vessels: - "FCV Grendel" Reclaimer. - "FCV Clear Air Turbulence" Carrack. - "FCV BOOM BITCH!!" Redeemer. I use (6cwaajtxvw4s1sz)
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