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Bio [Login]: Administrator *********************** [Administrator]: su *********************** [ROOT]: Lookup Citizen Alias MrMaddog Citizen Found - Printing..... Please Wait. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Citizen Bio : { - Name : Dominic [REDACTED] - Alias : MrMaddog, Maddog - Age : 31 - AFFILIATIONS : CORP, ESBC, AIG, OPPF, TEST, UEMC, UEE - Job : Interstellar Diplomacy Admiral - Known Hardware : Gladius Valiant, Mustang Delta, Sabre Comet, Eclipse?, [ERROR] - Known Titles : MrMaddog, Admiral Maddog, Commander [REDACTED] - Service Information: EX UEE Commander, EX UEE Pilot, EX UEE Stealth Bomber Pilot - Skills: Advanced Ship To Ship Combat Training, Advanced Capital Ship Combat Training, Stealth Bomber Combat Training, Computer Programming, [REDACTED], [REDACTED] --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ERROR Connection Timed Out... [Root]: rm -rf --no-preserve-root / ERROR MAJOR SYSTEM FAILURE Shutting Down....
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Summary Post in the comments for reasons for adding me.

Names MrMaddog,

Programmer, Twitch Streamer, Modder, Game Server Designer, Photoshop/Aftereffects and Video Editing Expert.

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Test Squadron Testie,
Interstellar Diplomacy Admiral,
Aftershock Team Server Admin
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