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Bio Rear-Admiral Hannibal Kade had a long and distinguished career within the UEE Navy and rose quickly through its ranks. Known to be somewhat distrustful of aliens and regarding the Xi'An, and even the Banu, to be not much better than the Vanduul. Because of this Kade was assigned to a station far from Xi'An and Banu space to be a vanguard against Vanduul attack. Then in 2945 tragedy struck in the form of a Vanduul raid, killing his wife and teenage son. Devastated by his loss and frustrated by the UEE's lack of action, Kade retired shortly after. Having disappeared for nearly 2 years, Kade reemerged with the self styled promotion of Lord Admiral and as the leader of the Neo-Terran Front, a rebellion against the UEE who he saw as weak and corrupt. His goal is simple, overthrow the UEE and have humanity cut all ties with aliens... or die trying.
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