Main vs Affiliate

It is possible to set GLADIATORS to Main or as Affiliate on the RSI account/organization page. Here we will explain what consequences this setting has.


When you are member and have set us to Affiliate we will do business with you and indirectly with the org you are part of. You will be listed on our affiliates page grouped by the org you belong to with any other associates that may be member or members that have registered on our site. When you are attacked we may or may not decide to protect and help you depending on how important this may be to us. Any disputes you may have with others are your own responsibility and you may ask us for help but we don’t have to comply to that. On the other hand, when you accept to be part of an operation/mission or job you are expected to follow our orders like any other member. If you decide not to, it will have consequences to you and possibly the org you belong to.


When you set us to main and have rank of Soldier or higher you will be fully protected by GLADIATORS. You will be listed on our members page. When you are attacked we expect all members to respond to that threat and help no matter what. When you have issues with the law we will bail you out. No main member is left behind. Note! This privilege is not to be abused, if a member abuses this right by picking random fights we may decide to let this member go and kick that member out of the org. When you set us to main you will become recruit first, you are expected to protect members with your life and we may help you if we think you are worth it. Until we decide to make you a full member you will still be treated as an affiliate.

To change us to main

Step 1 - Go to the account/organization page

Step 2 - click on Set as main.

  • Step 3 - click on Set as main

  • Done, your are now a main member